We specialize in unfiled tax returns issues

Filing taxes is something many of us do not like to do but with a strong and experienced tax preparation team we are able to prepare your returns accurately and correctly to reduce your tax liability. It is not illegal to owe the IRS money but it is illegal to not file your tax returns. Not filing is considered tax evasion and can leave you facing compounding penalties and interest as well as criminal charges until you are brought back into compliance with the IRS.
In many situations the IRS will file your outstanding returns on your behalf which could increase your tax liability. They do not take into consideration any credits or deductions that you are due.
If you are due a refund in a year in which you have not filed a tax return? After the three year statute of limitations, the U.S. Treasury Department retains ownership of your refund and over payments cannot be applied to other years.

If you have not filed tax returns for several years, it is not too late. Presuming you meet filing requirements, you must be compliant for the last ten years, which includes the current year and the previous nine years. Global Tax Services will need to gather as much information as possible to prepare your tax returns. Let us contact the IRS directly and obtain information needed to get you back into federal compliance.

Solutions are available

We have a variety of angles in which we can tackle this issue. Once we review your case we can give you a more solid and targeted idea of what it is going to take to receive the best resolution possible. Each situation is unique so each case and the way it is handled is unique. Contact one of our many representatives today to give you a personalized solution to your tax case.

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